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Andy Molnar

Vice President, Marketing & Customer Operations at Straumann

Executive Vice President, North America at Straumann USA

I worked with Alan in his role as VP Marketing North America for Straumann. Alan has a very positive outlook and inspires confidence and belief in others. He sees the possibilities in situations rather than the barriers. He was instrumental in the planning and execution of a key new product Launch in the States collaborating strongly with HQ on this. Alan is a consummate professional and I have always found it a pleasure working with him.

May 27, 2010

Andy worked with Alan at Straumann


Jim Frontero

Medical Device President and Commercial Executive

It is my pleasure to provide a recommendation on behalf of Alan Gonsenhauser. Alan and I worked together for 2 years at Straumann while Alan was the VP Marketing & Customer Operations for Straumann North America. During his time at Straumann, Alan helped to accelerate Straumann’s market leading growth through effective brand positioning, a keen sense of customer needs and service levels, building a best in class marketing team, and introducing creative solutions like external financing programs. Alan engages customers in a positive and supportive manner, and works very well with the sales force to ensure they are properly equipped with the right tools and messages to best serve customers and to achieve the organization’s goals and objectives.Alan’s track record as a growth-oriented executive with diverse industry and cultural experience, make him a positive addition to any leadership team.

December 20, 2012

Jim managed Alan at Straumann


Rene Garo

Country Manager at Straumann Italia s.r.l.

I worked with Alan in his role as VP Marketing North America for Straumann. Alan is a very passionate manager with clear focus and priorities. I appreciated his professional style, his dedication, and high level of integrity. He was highly competent at all times and built strong relationships within the company as well as with customers. Alan’s excellent contacts and experience allowed Straumann to implement new and highly qualitative financial services for its customers in very short time. I enjoyed very much to work with Alan and I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again at any time.

November 7, 2010

Rene worked directly with Alan at Straumann


Luis Palacios Manrique

Global Head Distributors & Key Accounts at Straumann

Alan has been a very proactive manager, not afraid of undertaking big challenges. He has shown a strong dedication to understand the industry and adapted his managerial style to it. During his tenure he managed to gain not only the respect and support of his team, but also, due to his external focus he built strong bridges with some of our key customers in the U.S.

June 29, 2010

Luis managed Alan at Straumann


Karen Fabello

Senior Director, Customer Operations at Straumann

Alan is a supportive manager who is quick to step in when and where you need him. He strikes a delicate balance between team empowerment through autonomy and clear direction through established objectives. Alan takes a genuine interest in understanding your challenges, and provides thoughtful guidance to address them one by one. His open and straightforward communication style fosters trust, and ensures an effective and mutually beneficial relationship.

June 19, 2010

Karen reported to Alan at Straumann


Valerie Andren

Manager, Marketing Services at Straumann

Alan is a loyal, detail-oriented VP/Manager who always does the best for the customer and his direct reports and larger marketing team. I had the benefit of being on Alan's marketing team during his time at Straumann and he always went above and beyond to make sure the customer's needs were being addressed and, most importantly, remained loyal to the marketing team. He always applauded our successes and helped us during difficult times to make the most out of limited financial and human resources. His ability to steer a clear path of projects amidst the constant demands of a growing business led to many successes we still see today in the organization. It was a true pleasure working for Alan; he took a direct interest in his employees and I would work for him again any day.

February 5, 2012

Valerie worked indirectly for Alan at Straumann


Sandro De Gruttola

Senior Product Manager Perio at Straumann

Alan is very passionate manager with strong communication skills and who is very results driven. He has an exceptional ability to motivate people and combines this with deep knowledge of the markets. His ability to translate strategies done in Europe and adapt it to the North American market is outstanding. It was always a great pleasure to work with Alan and he helped always to reach excellence in the market.

June 24, 2010

Sandro worked with Alan at Straumann




Gretchen Fierle

Vice President & Chief Communications Officer at HealthNow, New York

Having served as board chair of Leadership Buffalo for the past two years, I have a passion and great belief in the responsibility to build quality leadership and teams at all levels. Leadership that is inclusive, participatory, and transparent are some of the most powerful traits in making a leader a great one. Why? Because a trusting environment is created when employees are welcomed and feel safe in challenging and participating in discussions that ultimately lead to process and business improvements. Alan behaved no differently behind a closed door than in an open hallway. How many leaders can make that claim? That integrity of behavior set an example for all to follow. Alan has a warmth and excitement that moves people toward him, not away from him. He welcomed more people, not less, to sit around the brainstorming table to find the very best solutions that would serve our customers and markets. Alan is a big thinker and challenged us. Yet, if mistakes were made, he was never punitive but encouraged all of us to learn from those mistakes and transform them into next time winners. When a leader sets the stage as Alan does, it brings out the best in everyone and the collective contribution ultimately creates a high performance and powerful business enterprise. Boston's gain is Buffalo's loss.

March 15, 2009

Gretchen reported to Alan at Independent Health





Samantha Allison

Vice President, Marketing, GE Healthcare Financial Services

President at Top Floor Consulting, Inc.

Alan is a strong marketing leader who brings tremendous knowledge and experience to the healthcare and financial services industries. He elevated the discussion in our organization from a tactical level to a strategic dialogue focused on business growth. Alan very effectively leverages his network and past experiences to bring solutions to the organization.

October 23, 2009

Samantha managed Alan at GE Healthcare Financial Services


Leslie Krohn

SVP, Consumer Communications at The Nielsen Company

I worked with Alan in his role as marketing leader for one of GE Healthcare Financial Services' P&Ls. He is responsible for a range of marketing activities. I work with him most directly on issues of brand equity, rebranding and marketing communications. During a time of great change and tumult following the acquisition of HPSC by GE, Alan stayed focused on several key priorities: strategic planning, competitive positioning, brand development and product development. Despite numerous management changes and obstacles, Alan drove progress, gained buy-in and moved HPSC forward. I've watched him introduce new products to increase sales, and move the company toward a rebranded future as GE Healthcare Financial


January 18, 2007

Leslie worked with Alan at GE Healthcare Financial Services

Herbert Yang

Sloan Fellow at Stanford University's Graduate School of Business

Alan impressed the entire staff team with his wealth of marketing experience, superb communication skills and strong leadership in driving culture change and cross-functional initiatives. Alan has spent years in industrial and financial services sectors. His expertise in understanding and fulfilling customer (especially those in small-ticket-sized markets) needs in such sectors was invaluable to the management team. He was very resourceful and well-connected in the industry whenever the management team needed to reach out for more perspectives and ideas. His broader experience in functions such as finance, auditing and general management makes him a well-rounded marketing professional not only with a strategic vision but also with operational knowledge and savvy to execute it. Alan communicates extremely well with people at all levels in the organization, whether they are project team members, headquarter executives, or all employees. He's very skillful at delivering the appropriate message to the right audience. As the marketing leader for our business, Alan was critical in bringing a series of major products and features to the market. His leadership and ability to effectively work with Sales, Finance, Risk, IT and Operations simultaneously were instrumental to the success of those products. It's a great pleasure to work with Alan as he's always passionate, energetic and very insightful.

January 22, 2007

Herbert worked indirectly for Alan at GE Healthcare Financial Services


Susan Daddio

Senior Manager, Global Events

Alan is a strategic planner and implementer who has worked in a broad range of industries. This diverse industry experience enables him to bring best practices to the challenges of re-branding the HPSC division into GE. Alan provides his team with leadership while also allowing direct reports autonomy and the opportunity to challenge themselves and gain exposure to peers and senior management.

February 19, 2007

Susan reported to Alan at GE Healthcare Financial Services





Peter Bourgeois

Vice President and General Manager, Lifeline Systems

Manager, Worldwide Technical Support at Ross Video

During my time at Lifeline Systems, I had the pleasure of being part of Alan’s team. His management style permitted me to stretch beyond one’s comfort zone and be creative in providing solutions to issues or exploring new services to generate revenue. His wealth of business experience coupled with his interpersonal skills provided the perfect venue to encourage and mentor his direct reports to being successful. Without hesitation, I would work for Alan again.

February 3, 2009

Peter reported to Alan at Lifeline Systems


Ann Christensen

Marketing Strategy and Operations Leader

Alan engaged my firm to assist in developing a growth strategy for the Senior Living business line he led. Alan is a savvy guy, and uses his network to complement his strengths. As a result, he can make huge inroads quickly, often getting to 80% of the benefits with just 20% of the effort. That means he can also manage a greater set of projects than most marketing professionals - and is perfect for growth-oriented businesses.

January 7, 2007

Ann was a consultant or contractor to Alan at Lifeline Systems



Richard Clark

Advisor at Concordus Healthcare

Alan did an extraordinary job developing marketing and business development programs on a reasonable tight budget for a company of Salience's size. He worked very diligently as part of a new senior management team, was very creative and highly competent at all times, maintains a high level of integrity in all his dealings, and was a pleasure to interact with on a daily basis. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Alan again at any time.

June 2, 2007

Richard worked directly with Alan at Salience



Jim Harper

Alan is an extremely talented and motivated manager. He is also a joy to work with on both a personal and professional level.

Jim worked directly with Alan at Xerox



Donna Driscoll

SVP Marketing at AT&T Capital

Alan is a true strategic leader, with exceptionally strong sales and marketing expertise. His strong operating general management skills, in conjunction with deep expertise in sales and marketing, make him a real asset for any organization looking to grow their business.

Donna worked directly with Alan at AT&T Capital