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The Outsourcing World Summit

Pre-Conference Workshops

Desert Springs Marriott Resort & Spa

Palm Desert, California


Three workshops deliver in-depth guidance on outsourcing’s most important topics – for customers and providers.



Insights for Outsourcing Providers – 30 Ideas to Revolutionize Your Outsourcing Business



Brenna Garratt and Richard Crespin, Managing Directors, The Delve Group

Alan Gonsenhauser, Principal, Demand Revenue

Bill Hall and Kyle Andrews, Founding Partners, Pretium Partners, Inc.


“We are all salesmen every day of our lives. We are selling our ideas, our plans, our enthusiasms to those with whom we come in contact.” – Charles Schwab


Success in every form of business depends upon our ability to get our message in front of the right people at the right time and to demonstrate with conviction and enthusiasm how our clients will profit from a relationship with our company.


For an outsourcing provider, this means crafting a powerful outsourcing message; connecting with motivated outsourcing prospects; and showing those prospects a great outsourcing value proposition.


Spend the morning with our faculty and learn 30 proven ideas that will revolutionize your outsourcing business.



Topic One: Creating Your Image in the Marketplace


Simply put, the key to outsourcing success is reaching high-level buyers.  But to reach these individuals, you need to know your audience and competition, and then apply proven concepts from preference-based selling and marketing to define and communicate your message.


Using these techniques and drawing from actual case studies, participants will learn how to:


  • Assess the strength of your company and brand – define your edge.
  • Stake your position and prove it – before the market does it for you.
  • Design your market image and brand your message around this positioning.
  • Communicate with innovation, inspiration, and consistency.
  • Know your audience, competition and C-suite buyers and influencers.
  • Identify and appeal to innovators.
  • Learn what will truly excite potential buyers.
  • Apply the J-Curve Theory of Outsourcing Decisions.
  • Sell when you only have a business plan.
  • Avoid commoditization and continue to be a thought-leader.

Included are explanations of how to “walk the talk” to the early majority, attract referential clients and to communicate your value proposition in terms of risk-adjusted incremental improvement.? 



Topic Two: Untapped Lead Generating Opportunities


What’s working for outsourcing marketers these days? With tight budgets and increasing pressure to drive revenue and produce measurable results, marketers need to work closely with business development and sales. Learn about powerful new tools at your disposal to make bottom-line results happen with limited budgets.


Participants will learn:


  • New demand-generation techniques that really work.
  • How to establish a simple data collection process to track results from demand-generation through the sales pipeline, including tagging and bagging at the source and databases for lead creation, tracking, and pipeline management.
  • How to make your website the hub of all marketing activity.
  • The “4 Ps” needed to make your website your best sales rep, including site sizing to fit your audiences.
  • Search engine marketing, including the importance of keywords, pay-per-click programs and how to circumvent your competitors.
  • E-marketing techniques to create awareness, demand, and online communities.
  • Using industry newsletters and sponsorships.
  • Email advertising and permission marketing newsletters.
  • Methods to break through the clutter to high-level decision makers, especially getting the attention of VIPs with customized “3D” and selling to “VITO.”
  • Reenergizing public relations.


Topic Three: Moving the Lead through the Sales Process


To sell outsourcing, you must now know how buyers really justify outsourcing decisions. Once you know that, you can properly apply the Value Assessment Methodology to sell more effectively.  The methodology details the nuts-and-bolts of formulating your value proposition, gaining executive access, successfully conducting that first executive meeting and working with the client to discover and validate your value.


Participants will learn:

  • The phases of Value Assessment and their connection to the sales process.
  • Important profiling criteria, including The 8 Critical Information Areas and 4 Decision-Making Paradigms.
  • Work through “The Top X” ways you can change a client company.
  • The keys to constructing an “Initial Value Proposition.”
  • Key points for planning and executing the first executive meeting.
  • Understanding why both tangible and intangible benefits are important.
  • The 18 common risks of outsourcing.
  • How to develop a tailored “Specific Value Proposition.”
  • Tips for getting the necessary feedback to finalize the business case.
  • The essential elements of the Outsourcing Business Case.



Attendees also receive a copy of “Value Assessment in Outsourcing, A Study of Outsourcing Justification Practices,” researched and written by The Fisher College of Business at Ohio State University and Pretium Partners and a copy of Pretium’s article, “The Ten Principles of Selling Outsourcing.”


Spend three hours with this team and learn how to leapfrog the competition.



About the Faculty:


The Delve Group Inc. is a strategic marketing and branding firm focused on advising business-to-business corporations. Delve is dedicated to helping clients achieve measurable results in profitability, growth, and market loyalty by harmonizing their business vision with their branding, marketing, and sales strategies. Delve’s comprehensive services address a client’s key priorities to effectively impact the "C-suites" of their clients and prospects through the marketing and sales functions.


Demand Revenue creates new revenue streams with limited budgets by making your website highly visible across the Internet. As a consulting and execution firm, we help outsourcing providers position their brand, set strategies, develop tactical marketing plans with success metrics, and execute programs to quickly and profitably accelerate top-line revenue.


Pretium Partners, Inc. is a custom sales training and consulting firm specializing in helping outsourcing providers sell more effectively through utilization of a Value Assessment Methodology. Value Assessment enables sales professionals to gain access to executive buyers, obtain executive sponsorship and build the business case to articulate and sell the business impact of their outsourcing solution.