Accelerating healthcare growth through  
 innovations that improve people's lives

Game-changing Innovations

Examples of Mr. Gonsenhauser's successes in developing "disruptive," cutting-edge

innovations include:

Biscom – Grew revenues 22% YOY and doubled leads. Innovation strategies: improved secure access to protected health information (PHI). 

Straumann – Grew share 12% and elevated company to number 1, globally. Innovation strategies: dental implants, regenerative medicine and digital dentistry versus crowns and bridges.

Salience – increased revenue 338% in two years to $35M and drove firm EBITDA positive. Innovation strategies: first-ever professional fixed sales outsourcing model for healthcare, telecom, technology and energy sectors.

AT&T Capital – developed seven vertical markets, resulting in 67% increase in leasing business to $1.5B. Innovation strategies: first combined end-user vendor leasing with channel inventory financing.

Panasonic – grew sales by 163% to $67.3M, restoring profitability with new products and channels. Innovation strategies: first-ever low-cost inkjet plain paper fax.

Xerox – planned and introduced disruptive plain-paper fax category with $25M in revenue in first two years. Innovation strategies: first-ever multi-functional fax, copier, printer, scanner.

Independent Health – simplified products 67%, led industry for preventative health. Innovation strategies: $0 insuranec co-payments for preventative health.

Lifeline Systems – increased revenue 257%, integrated two acquisitions. Innovation strategies: emergency response systems at assisted living replaced pull-cord.

GE Healthcare Financial Services – grew financial products 184%, integrated two GE divisions. Innovation strategies: grew dental and medical practices.