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Alan Gonsenhauser - Principal

DEMAND REVENUE is led by Alan Gonsenhauser, a strategic marketing and demand-generation consultant with 25 years’ experience across the healthcare technology and 

services, business process outsourcing, and financial services industries. 

A chief marketing officer and general manager, he has grown divisions of Fortune 50 

companies such as GE Healthcare Financial Services, Lifeline Systems, Xerox, 

Panasonic / Matsushita, and AT&T Capital, as well as Salience, a venture-backed 

emerging firm.

Mr. Gonsenhauser is available for consulting and is open to full-time marketing and general management opportunities.

In the course of his career, Mr. Gonsenhauser has developed and launched winning 

products and services that created new market space and dominated industries, positioned 

and evangelized brands, and penetrated a number of vertical industries such as eldercare technology and services, medical devices, high-tech, office products, graphic arts, 

manufacturing, and materials handling across direct, reseller, dealer, distributor, and retail channels of distribution.

He excels at developing strategic and tactical marketing plans, deploying technology to 

out-market competitors, generate leads, and grow top-line revenue, regardless of the 

marketing budget. He doubled the volume of sales leads at Salience by instituting key 

Internet search engines as a new channel for demand generation and business development. 

He also excels at getting marketing and sales functions to work together collaboratively. 

Examples of his successes in driving revenue, share, and profitability by penetrating new categories of technology products and services include:    

  • GE – grew product volume by 184% to $86.4M and Practice Acquisition business by 55% to $77.5M in 2006. Innovation strategies: first-ever professional fixed sales outsourcing model for healthcare, telecom, technology and energy sectors.
  • Lifeline Systems – expanded sales by 233%, elevated market share from #8 to #1, drove division to profitability, and closed and integrated two competitive acquisitions, expanding customer base from 300 to 1,500 installations.
  • Salience – increased revenue 338% in two years to $35M and drove firm EBITDA positive.
  • AT&T Capital – developed seven vertical markets, resulting in 67% increase in leasing business to $1.5B. Innovation strategies: first combined end-user vendor leasing with channel inventory financing.
  • Panasonic grew sales by 163% to $67.3M, restoring profitability with new products and channels. Innovation strategies: first-ever low-cost inkjet plain paper fax.
  • Xerox – planned and introduced disruptive plain-paper fax category with $25M in revenue in first two years. Innovation strategies: first-ever multi-functional fax, copier, printer, scanner.


Through DEMAND REVENUE, Mr. Gonsenhauser and his team offer a unique blend of strategic and hands-on tactical execution services to help you accelerate revenue: 

Social Networking Seminars
We enable you to get the most out of your LinkedIn and other social networks by helping you build their contacts, find people and be found.

Online Services
We help you to drive significant increases in awareness and generation of targeted leads by dominating visibility across key Internet search engines, tracking web visitors and traffic, and setting up permission marketing email processes.

Marketing Strategy Expertise 
We offer expert guidance in brand positioning, establishing marketing and sales processes to track demand generation through the sales pipeline and customer management processes. We set strategic direction and tactical marketing plans.